D.F. Trophies

Team Trophies

2003 was quite a successful year for us. Not only did we win the Rosebowl, awarded on a "grand-prix" basis throughout the year, but we also completed the double by winning the National Final as well.

We started the year in good form, by winning the first Qualifier and taking the maximum 9 points. We took part in 7 of the 8 qualifying events in the year, winning two and coming 4th four times, giving us the year's total of 30 points. By the end of the 7th event, we had enough points that no one could catch us on the 8th event!

We have now won the Rosebowl five times, in 1996, 1997 (joint winners), 1998, 1999 and 2003, and won the National Final three times, in 2000, 2003 and 2005.

The Team


At the Weston-super-Mare event on 5th September, we maintained our lead in the Rosebowl table, to win the trophy for the 6th time.

We took part in all 8 events, coming first once, second three times, third twice and a fifth, giving us 37 points in all.

The team with the 2003 Trophies

2003 Trophies

Chelmsford/Colchester shield (won 13th April), National Trophy, Banbury shield (won 6th July) and Rosebowl.

Mid - Thames Treble Night Event
20th March 1999

With exceptional luck we had won this event by 8.15 p.m., nearly three quarters of an hour ahead of the next competitor, with the contest not due to end at 10.00 p.m.

The Trophy is well worth winning - it is huge!

Sadly, we have not won it since, (5th in 2000, 2nd in 2002 and 5th in 2003), but look out Mid-Thames on 30th October, it's in our sights for 2004!

HOT NEWS At 10.03 p.m. on 30th October 2004, after paddling through a swamp near Windsor, we clocked into our third station of the evening, to win the Mid Thames Treble Night Trophy for the second time.

The Mid-Thames Treble Night Trophy

The Ripon DF Trophy

Ripon (Yorkshire) Trophy

Won 15th August 1993.

South Manchester Radio Club

D.F. Trophy

Won 23rd May 2004

We were absolutely exhausted by the end of the contest to win this trophy. The first station was half a mile across fields, then another quarter of a mile down sloping fields to the wood at the bottom of the river valley - and back! The second station was even worse, we had to climb up a very steep hill, about 200' high, pushing as hard as we could as time was running out.

Retained ???? 2006

The South Manchester Radio Club DF Trophy

The Derrick Newman Memorial Cup

The Derrick Newman

Memorial Cup

Won 22nd August 1999 at the Mid-Thames Qualifier.

Now presented by the B.T.B.D.F. Association to the winner of the National Final.

Won again on 25th September 2005 and ?? September 2006 at the National Finals

The Coventry Trophy

Won for the second time on 17th April 2005

Station A was at the end of a long thin wood, and Station B was on a disused railway line.

We first won this trophy in 1998.

The Trophy has an interesting history, being first presented 50 years ago in 1955.

G T Peck Trophy

The G. T. Peck Memorial Trophy

Won on 26th March 2006

This event is run in March each year, just before the start of the National Qualifying events.

We have competed for this trophy since 1995, but it has always eluded us - until now!

Our first station was hidden in a hollow tree on a footpath adjacent to a disused sand pit, accessed by crossing a river and a canal, and the second station was in a thicket on top of Lodge Hill, on the Chiltern Hills.


(l to r) Manchester Qualifying Event Trophy

G T Peck Memorial Trophy

Derrick Newman Memorial Cup

Bert Simmons Rosebowl

R.S.G.B. Council Trophy

Personal Trophies

The Mid-Essex Trophy competition is usually run in the Autumn, on National times and rules.

On 6th October 2002, having been in the perfect position for the second bearing, giving excellant fixes on the two stations, Andrew won the Mid-Essex Trophy.

The Mid-Essex Trophy

Taking part in all five events of the season, having one win, two seconds and a fourth gave Phil 23 points, and the Chelmsford Cup for 2003 - for the seventh time.

Chelmsford Trophy