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If you are reading this, you have found the site, just like "DFing" it - therefore this web site is ...... DF - able!

Cornwall holidays

Steam Engines

Radio Direction Finding


We love Cornwall for holidays

There's something about steam

Radio Direction Finding


Welcome to DFable.org, the brand new web site to take over from Andrew’s Unique Web Page. Please feel free to browse around to see my hobbies, what I get up to and some details of family life.

The old site had grown over the eight or so years since it was launched, but with the advent of broadband and digital photography enabling far bigger files to be stored, Andrew's Unique Web Page was being restricted on storage and data transfer rate. There are also no more adverts!

The original site was also developed to “keep up with the Jones’ “ i.e. my son, Peter, who designed a Web Site ages ago. He is still way ahead of me!

I hope you enjoy my Web Site.



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