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The Grand Toast Eating Contest is held every year in Newquay, Cornwall.

The aim of the contest is to see who can eat the most toast for breakfast over the two week holiday.


Results of Toast Eating Contest 2000


After a slow start, we soon got into the holiday spirit and by day four, 6 pieces of toast (a whole rack) were eaten by each competitor.

The highlight of the contest was on day ten, when, much to the amusement of the hotel kitchen, as extra supplies had to be brought on, each competitor managed 10 slices each.

A steward's enquiry was called towards the end of the contest, as a dispute arose over whether a slice of toast one and a half times the thickness of a usual slice counted as one or one and a half slices. The steward's enquiry concluded that it did count.

The final results are shown in the table on the right, and all competitors are looking forward to next year's contest.




Results of Toast Eating Contest 2001


As you can see from the results table to the left, we were into full swing by the second day, with Peter eating 6 slices and Dad eating 5 slices of toast.

We did not eat more than 7 peices of toast each at any point, but we made it up by rarely eating less than 4 each.

During the end four days we managed to eat 6 slices each, a day. The day before that, the 10th day, we had 7 slices each, thats the highest we had.





Results of Toast Eating Contest 2002


Again this year we were in the swing of the contest by the second day, with Peter eating 5 slices and Dad eating 6 slices of toast.

Looking at the graph, this year was more consistant, the average being 5 or 6 slices each per day, and there were no days with a really high or low score.

Overall, the results were slightly down on last year, at a total of 71 slices each, compared with 72 slices each last year. Next year, the contestants are hoping to beat the original 2000 score, and aiming to equal if not exceed the daily record of 10 slices each in one day.



In addition to the number of slices of toast eaten as detailed above, each week saw the disappearence of approximately one jar of marmalade and one jar of strawberry jam, and countless individual packs of butter. As could be overheard at several points - Yum, yum!



Results of Toast Eating Contest 2003


The 2003 Contest moved to a new, temporary venue of Lynton in Devon, and was run over 10 days, instead of the usual 14. Peter was in fine form this year, winning the contest by 4 slices.

Dad had a couple of bad days, only managing 4 slices, but he blames the kitchen for not sending enough toast to the dining room.

Next year the venue returns to Newquay, but at a different hotel.



Results of Toast Eating Contest 2004


Back in Newquay in 2004, a concerted effort was made to beat the record set back in 2000. The first day was unfortunately missed, as breakfast that day was a cheese sandwich on the way to DF in Salisbury.

Dad didn't hang about, straight in at 6's and 7's. Peter was not quite so hungry this year, something to do with the big bowl of museli instead of the usual cornflakes before his egg, bacon, sausage & beans.

Having been beaten last year, Dad managed a magnificent average of 5.61 slices per day. Had the contest also included the first Sunday, then the record would probably have been exceeded this year.


We hope you enjoyed reading about this exiting new sport. An application was submitted to the Olympic Committee to include this event in the 2004 Olympics, but it was felt that even 75 slices in 14 days is not quite Olympic Standard. Coaching and Sponsorship is being sought, with a view to reaching the Olympic Standard of 84 slices in 14 days (6 slices - a whole rack per day) ready for the 2008 Games.

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