The A-Team

You are truly honoured to be able to catch a glimpse of the A-Team here in glorious technicolour.

Whilst they agreed to allow cameras into their H.Q. in order that these exclusive pictures could be taken, regrettably we were not quick enough to be able to catch them in action.

There is a rumour though, that just before our cameraman left H.Q. he was able to surreptitiously snap one half of the A-Team actually holding a pen, tantalisingly close to a piece of paper as though he was about to write something!

We await the processing of that roll of film with baited breath...

At A-Team H.Q.


Later... The photos have now been developed. See next page for half of the A-team in action. (The other half must be hiding in a ditch somewhere - see the Direction Finding photo gallery)

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Where are they now?